Chase and achieve your dream of becoming a professional pilot. From the Regionals, Majors, Private Charter and beyond, our program will get you flying.

1. Earn Your Ratings

Earn your Private Pilot, Instrument, Multi, Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor ratings. Our fleet of hi-tech Diamond Aircraft will get you prepared for real-world application.

9-12 Months

2. Teach and Build Time

Once you’ve earned your CFI, start teaching the next generation and build your time. With DFCT, we love raising up CFI’s and hiring from within.


1-2 Years

3. Start Your Career!

Your journey at DFCT is really just the beginning. With tailored training, preferential hiring, and outstanding support, you’re ready to make the cockpit your permenent office.


Time to Fly!

The Diamond Professional Pilot Program is a packaged approach to getting our students to the airlines as efficiently as possible — keeping a sharp focus on producing highly skilled, safe and exceptional aviators. Our team has amassed tens of thousands of flight hours in both military and civilian applications, and our training approach is a reflection of that environment of excellence.

Getting my CMEL in the DA-42 was made so easy thanks to Lora and the Diamond. Lora was so knowledgeable and efficient in her instruction, and the plane was great. Top quality aircraft and instructor – I would highly recommend doing training with her to anyone with the opportunity.

Lindsay Steffes

First Officer, Envoy Air

The Diamond DA42 was a perfect airplane! The FADEC engines and glass cockpit prepared me for my current airframe, the Embraer 170/175. If you’re looking to fly quality aircraft, get taught by quality instructors and be well equipped for a career in aviation then look no further.

Michael Healey

First Officer, Republic Airways


It’s not as impossible as it may seem. Our team has consistently produced some of the finest professional pilots in the industry, leaning on dozens of years of experience. With the Diamond Professional Pilot Program, your dream of professional aviation can bein now.